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Which Les Pooch brush?

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  • Which Les Pooch brush?

    so even tho I really like trying things out before I buy them.. I am thinking of getting a Les Pooch brush based on stuff Ive read here. So which one does everybody recommend as "the one" to have? and why? Thanks

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    Thats a tough one!!

    If I had to pick only one (I may go crazy!) I THINK I would pick my single purple.
    I use it the most and seem to always grab for it.
    If I could buy TWO I would definitely buy the single purple and the single green.
    Personally I don't use the double even half as much as I do the smaller ones and I rarely use my matt zapper.

    The only bad thing about only having one is they are different I would never use my purple on a thin skinned yorkie and I would never bother using my green on a matted doodle. I'd spring for the singles and get two rather than get one of the larger. Just IMP but I absolutely CAN NOT live with out them anymore.


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      L.P. brushes

      It really depends on what you need it for....if you frequently have heavy coated dogs with some degree of matting, you MUST get the Matt Zapper. It is a fantastic tool and a big time saver. the other brushes are designed for various coats; some very soft for a soft coat and skin (maltese, yorkie) and others are made for a heavier coat (poodles, etc.)

      They are terrific and you will not regret the investment! Thius has been covered before, you might find info on older posts about the LP. brushes.

      happy shopping!


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        I started with the green single, then got the purple single and the mat zapper. I love all 3 and intend to get one of all of them.


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          IMPO, the Silver is a MUST HAVE if you are less of the heavily coated breeds (collies, shepherds, berners, etc), but for most other commonly groomed breeds (shih, malty, poos, bichons, etc) the silver is going to be your go-to brush 90% of the time.


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   me that is like asking what finger you'd like to keep.

   vote is for either the silver or green single wide. Those are the two I keep going back to. But as others said, it really depends on your type of clientele and what you get the most of. I get mostly a fluffy scissored look on small dogs. I think I groom maybe 4 big dogs total? One on a regular basis. So no double wides for me until I have all the singles.

            I've not heard much about the yellow. That's supposed to be the softest one. I do a lot of puppies, yorkies, malt, etc. I'd like something a bit softer! Anyone have any feedback on it?
            There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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              I LOVE my green double sided LP! One side gets full, flip it over and keep on going! For the tender skins, I use a wooden bristle CC brush, saw it used in a seminar at APF and had to have it. I feel safe using it on puppy skin.


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                We start out on virtually every dog on the drying counter with the double green. To finish fluffing poodles, bichons & shihtus we go to the gold next. To finish all double coats we go to the purple next and then the silver. Personally, I prefer the doubles but keep a gold & a green single at my table. The more you use these brushes, the more you will truly appreciate their versatility.