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    The Wahl CHROMADO or BRAVURA or ARCO SE????

    I do home grooming I want to find a cordless (with option of plugging in) clipper. I only do little dogs. Would people with a preference tell me which one you like and why? thanking you in advance!!
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    I have the Bravura and the Arco. I prefer the Bravura, I like the weight of the Bravura and its "balance." The Arco is nice because you can switch out batteries when it runs down, while the Bravurs must br recharged on its base it it runs down. Also, as the Arco gets older it becomes loud.

    I have never used the Chromado.

    good luck choosing one!


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      I just bought a Bravura and have been using it for about 3 weeks or so. I used a Speed Feed before this and my part timer has the Acro SE so I have had a chance to use it a few times. I really like the Bravura because of the weight of it, as mentioned.. heavier than my SF but its not an issue for me. I wish it had interchangeable batteries because that's what I'm used to but it does have the added bonus of the cord pack that charges it while you're using it. Maybe two hours to full charge, I can't really remember. Also I love how quiet they are, my SF hasn't been quiet in a long time so it was a huge difference, used the smallest attachment comb(equal to a 7f) on a eldery pom that was loosing her hearing and freaking out about any noise near her head, didn't mind these at all. The Acro that my groomer has is about 3 years old and is starting to be a bit finicky with battery life and sometimes not turning on.. but it is 3 years old and never serviced so that's probably to be expected.


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        I use the Bravura. Have been for a couple of years and really like it. Haven't tried the others yet though.
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          I have used all 3 and they are all very similar. That said, i liked the arco best.
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            Bravura I love it.


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              I have all three

              I have several Arco Mosers, two Chromado and One Bravura. I like the Chromados best by a long shot. They seem sturdier and last longer than the Mosers (I have had at least two Mosers not hold the blades well after dropping them and the batteries get shorter and shorter on charge holding). I think the Chromado fits in the hand better and is easier to do really fine detail work with than the Bravura. The bravura is my least favorite. The chromado has a recharge station, not batteries. This has positives and negative. But overall, I use the Chromado exclusively for my show dogs. I don't think you can go wrong with either the Moser or the Chromado. If you go with the Arco Mosers, make sure you have extra batteries that are CHARGED. It is very frustrating when the battery goes out and you don't have another good one ready to go.


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                I just recently used a Chromado for the first time, and I wouldn't go back to my Aarco ever aygayn. This is a great little clipper!
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