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What clippers would you recommend for me?

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  • What clippers would you recommend for me?

    I'm not a professional groomer but I need to buy professional clippers. I have a standard poodle. I'll be giving her clippings in between groomings (to keep her short since she gets hot so easily), and then when I get decent at it, I'll probably do all her clipping myself. What clippers would you recommend for me? And what small trimmer type do you recommend for me to do feet, around eyes, and other small and sensitive areas? Thanks for advice guys.

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    I would recommend the Andis Super 2 Speed for the body. For the finer trimming, I would get the Wahl Moser. Don't forget you will need a good set of scissors also. The Geib are good for a beginner. Also will need to get a couple of blades for the length you want to keep your dog. All blades and scissors will stay sharper longer if you always wash and dry your poodle before grooming.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      I would definitely go with an Andis 2 speed clipper. For smaller areas, maybe a Tid-Bit, but I use my clippers on a whole dog. It seems like they are scared of the noise rather than the clippers themselves. If you do choose to stay with one pair, I would definitely recommend a 5/8 blade for pads and poodle feet. There is also a 7/8 which is a bit bigger so you can get the hair in her pads done faster if she doesn't like that. Petedge is the best website ever for getting anything grooming!


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        I'm sorry, I didn't get the replies for some reason. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll be getting a Andis AGC Super 2-Speed. And I'll try it all over and if that doesn't work for the precision areas, then I'll get a smaller trimmer for the face, feet, etc.

        Thanks also for the advice about PetEdge, I was looking through their site actually for ideas. I have a few questions though. I looked at their Clipper Blade Usage Guide but still am puzzled as to what blades I should get. What size blades should I get for her? In the summer, we like her hair about about 1/2" thick, all over most of the body. With her face and feet and under her tail, we like it to be about 1/4" thick. In the winter, we like those areas to still be close but just a little thicker. Also in the winter, we like most of the body (besides face, feet, under tail) to be about 3/4" thick. Her top knot, ears, and tail we like thick and poufy. What sizes should I get? And do I get corresponding sizes of clipper combs?

        Also, should I get ceramic blades? I read that they stay cooler better.

        Ginger shouldn't be too afraid of the noise since I've been using the Oster dremmel on her nails for years now. The piece of junk broke and only works at the highest (and loudest) speed. I know, I should have gotten a dremmel from Home Depot or whatever.


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          I found the best clippers(in my opinion)

          I have recently purchased the brand new Andis 5 speed clippers. OMG!!! They are awesome, they go through thick hair (cockers,poodles,etc) like butter. They are the cadillac of clippers. They are a little pricey, and the higher speed causes the blade to get warmer faster, but they are extremely lightweight, and waaaaaay easier to manuver. I love them and would recommend them to anyone.