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    I looking for recommendations for a cordless clipper. I'm not interested in a trimmer, I'm looking to replace my Andis AGC 2-speed.

    If there are any recommendations for a clipper that works extremely well with buttercut blades, I'm also open to any suggestions.

    My first clipper was a Andis AGC 1-speed, which I replaced with the Andis AGC 2-speed.

    Currently I'm using a new Andis AGC 2-speed, a second one since the last one is giving me problems and needs to be checked.

    The main reason I'm looking into cordless, is the cord on the AGC keeps tangling together no matter how I loose put the cord away when I

    clean up. It's driving me crazy and I think it's effected the power of my last AGC 2-speed. The last clipper would not work at certain angles.

    I use Geib buttercut blades, but I notice that they're not fitting good on my current clipper and its becoming a real pain to make sure they

    are actually on the clipper. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Thank you very much for everyone's time and advise.

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    I like my Andis Cordless. Had them for 6 years now. I have three batteries so I never have to worry about the battery being dead. I tried the Oster cordless, but they are much heavier than my Andis.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      Cordless Andis clippers

      I have the AGR and really like it! I have had it for about 10 yrs. I have 2 batteries so I don't have to worry about "down time" when recharging. I also have the Power Groom, so I have the option of actually having two cordless clipers. I am happy with both!



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        "Laube" not a good brand

        I can tell you one that I tried and was really dissatisifed with.. the Laube Speed Feed. It comes with a blade that adjusts which is great, but the batteries wouldn't stay charged and even after a day and half they still wasn't charged. They were sent back to the company and apparently they repaired somthing else that wasn't even mentioned. I never got to try mine out because of the battery so I got disgusted with the company and requested my money back. That was a pain also. The other groomer in the shop also had the same problem and they were sent back also. Maybe this was a "bad batch" of clippers, but didn't want to take anymore chances.