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Alternatives to hand stripping?

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  • Alternatives to hand stripping?

    I work at a corporate salon, and we are not allowed to hand-strip the terriers. One of our old groomers was a terrier expert and she always hand-stripped this one Norwich that came in. Now that woman has been fired and that client has fallen to me. I can do Norwich trims very well, and their other Norwich gets a basic clippered cut, but they are digging their feet in about hand-stripping the other one. That one has never had a blade touch its body other than sanitary and pads, etc. I told them I can't do it, that corporate doesn't allow it, and that I can lose my job for it, but they still don't want me to clipper him.

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks or tools that I can use to get around this? The client's biggest concern is ruining the texture of the coat that they cultivated through years of hand-stipping. I know some people use skip blades and such, but I don't know enough about this area to really know what to do right now, and the client is coming in on Sunday.

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    I don't know what to tell you, but was wondering if you knew why petsomething doesn't allow this? Is it a time issue or skill issue or what? I never looked into the actual policy. I worked at a corporate salon for a few months, and all the girls there were convinced that handstripping was terribly cruel. Almost like they were taught that by their grooming instructors. I was like "uh, so you think that all the people who show dogs, you know the people who tend to care the most about their dogs, would torture their dogs several times per month (or week) just for the sake of showing them." They didn't believe me that it wasn't a "mean" thing to do to a dog, and it made me so mad that they told customers it was!


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      I'm so sorry but IMO you are going to have to send her to someone who is allowed to hand strip dogs. It would be wrong to try to do anything else as if the dog has ONLY been hand stripped and you dig in with thinning shears, mars tools, and skip tooth blades you will still ruin all the work that has been done in the past. The coat will change.

      Personally, I'm appalled that any salon would prohibit hand stripping. Why do they do this????? For dogs that are used to it (as it seems this one is) it is so much better & easier to maintain! I would go to higher ups, with documentation, and push it.

      BUT, you really should send her elsewhere, don't do anything but trim pads and bathe that dog.



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        Skip blades do not replace handstripping

        Although a skip blade can leave more of the correct look, it will not do what handstripping does, and it will not keep the correct texture of a stripped coat.

        So, yup, probably just have to send them to a Terrier person unless you get explicit permission to do what the previous groomer did (from your boss, preferably in writing).


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          I would tell her she will have to find another groomer. The only think I can think of that you might could use in place of hand stripping is a coat king.

          When I used to work at Petsomething I hand stripped a couple of dogs. I was never told anything about it not being allowed. Maybe it's a new thing they are doing now.


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            I don't know which corporate salon you work for, but the one I'm at we're allowed to handstrip as long as we know how. This isn't something that's taught in my store's academy, but it is allowed. I was told by my instructor that if I were to continue my education at an actual school and learned to strip (which she highly recommended) that we could technically charge whatever we felt was warranted.

            The salon manager at a store in the next town used to own her salon and does hand strip. We've sent several terrier owners to her, so at least we have options.


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              I know at the corporate I work at hand stipping is allowed, it's just that no one knows how to do it.


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                like any salon it is run how the manager or owner want it run. If they are good and understanding the shop goes well. If not, chaos and turnover. I remember having a manager who refused to have any chairs in the salon, even for doing phone calling and paper/card filling out. We would often sit on a table when she stepped out. Common sense is rare.

                I don't hand strip and I groom a couple of Cairns with a combo of Mars Coat King and thinning shears. This leaves enough of the guard hair to keep color and wireiness. One little Cairn I was keeping for a friend during a 3 day dog show and took her along. Nobody noticed that she wasn't a show dog even though I had her all about the place. Sometimes I have used the comb up and thinning shears over the hair on top of the comb to smooth out some longer hair spots.
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                  I started out in a petsomthing. and I was told my my salon manager that if they ever caught you with a skip tooth you would be fired on the spot. they also told me that under NO circumstance would we be aloud to hand strip a dog, and that it was inhuman to do so. Since then I have learned SOOOO much and am so glad I left.


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                    I say go rogue, Haha. I'm not really telling you to do that but I personally would just go ahead, manager be damned. The higher ups said it wasn't against the rules, that's what I'd go with. I worked, briefly, in a corporate salon and obviously I wasn't cut out for it. And FYI, I hand stripped dogs there.

                    Sounds like the manager just isn't playing nice or by the rules.
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                      I would probably check w/ say your store manager and/or your district manager. While others may tell you to do it anyway, I don't really know how badly you need this job. I want out of corporate very badly, but will be stuck there until I can open my own salon. I could not afford to get fired. Though I work in a corporate salon, it is still run far better than any other salon in the area, so even if they might hire me, I don't want to go there. If the DM says leave it up to the salon manager, than I'd say you are stuck, if he/she says go ahead, then great. I would also not do anything to that dog if you can't handstrip it, it will make the coat different. On wire haired dogs, I always use a coat king and after clipping use a #40 to pull out more undercoat. I keep many of these breeds in a wiry coat and dark color that way. No, it isn't the same as handstripping, but it works for me.
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                        I would send the client to a groomer that can handstrip. I hand strip my terriers and I cringe at the thought of clippering a handstripped coat.
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