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Moser coarse vs fine blade?

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  • Moser coarse vs fine blade?

    I am a bit confused. Does anyone know the difference between the "coarse" vs the "fine" blades for the Moser (I think they are the same for the Bravura?). What is the difference and when would you use each one? Any insight really appreciated!!!!!

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    This is from the Petedge site. A describtion of the difference:

    "This five-position adjustable replacement blade cuts from 0.1mm-3mm. Includes plastic lip for easy attachment onto clipper. Has the same length as the WA17923 fine blade, but with wider spaces between teeth to accommodate wiry or thicker coats."

    I guess it has wider spaces. I sure could of used it yesterday. All I have is the fine. I think I will be ordering a pair of the coarse.


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      Think of the teeth on a 10 vs a 9 blade, the coarse blade has teeth like a 9 blade. Everyone I know prefers the fine blade.