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changing brushes on HV dryer

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  • changing brushes on HV dryer

    Well, I had a frustrating week last week. I decided it was time to check and possibly change the brushes on my dryers. I have done this successfully before. I got it apart, checked the length of the brushes, yup, fine. Tried to put it back together and thats where the fun began. First you have a heavy ackward hard to handle motor with stretched out hand(you know how that feels), then you have a bunch of wires that are all over the place and a casing that is tight and no room to manouver and no room for error. I pushed and shoved and twisted and cursed and swore and got real mad. This is hours of trying. I managed to break off wires and there I don't know what I'm doing and didn't want to start a fire or get a shock so I looked for help. My,, appliance, lawn mower repair So I tried again, sliced my finger open, cried and complained to friends. I had 3 cockers in a row to groom and had to do them with a standup and old blaster I had that I can blow harder than it. So guess who managed to fix it...a church minister and he cut himself and so did his wife but he did it and wouldn't take any money so I put a bunch in the collectin box. If we are supposed to maintain our equipment why do they design things so user-unfriendly? I am much calmer now. It brought back memories of the old ways and am I ever glad we have these tools now, but please make them a little easier to handle.