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Everyone who owns Kenchii shears, please read!

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  • Everyone who owns Kenchii shears, please read!

    I am about to become a groomer, and i need to buy shears. Since i am unable to see a trade show (because there aren't any anytime soon) i was wondering if kenchii would fit my hand, because i have rather large hands. And wear size 9 or so ring. Do yall have any idea if they would fit my hand? Also, any advise as to which shears i should get? I was looking into the scorpion and the 5-star. Any advice given is greatly appreciated

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    5 Star, they should be able to fit any finger, if they are too large you can buy an insert.
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      Good shears. But you want ones that fit your hand. You can get inserts but you also want the right lenth shank for your hand, too short or too long will be uncomfortable to use properly.


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        i just bought kenchii scorpion shears after having cheap 20$ shears for a long time..i love them! i have largeish hands to...


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          Big hands

          I have big hands and fingers (and pretty much everything else , LOL) Love my Kenchi Squorpions, also have a pair of curved shears from them , not sure what style , they are great too._


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            i am a man

            and have fat fingers and i use the five stars just fine, i actually need to put rings on them, you will love them