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mylady or anyone - question the straight tines of Les Pooch brushes.

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  • mylady or anyone - question the straight tines of Les Pooch brushes.

    Long ago you wrote that you use the straight side of the brushes. I have a couple with straights on the other side. I cannot at all figure out what in the world I would do with them. I've heard setting up hair to stand out, but the other sides does that well.

    At least once a week, I'm grooming and I think of this, and FINALLY I am asking.
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    I use it like a pin brush and on faces.
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      I cant find any good use for the straight side either except they make a good back scratcher.....for I'm not going to order any more double sided brushes if they don't make them anymore w/the both sides the same. NOt going to pay more for a double brush if I only use one side!

      Marie, my rep from LP, said the straight side is really good for getting out snarles and to use as a fluff up when you are doing a finish scissor. I only find that its only use is as a back scratcher.
      SheilaB from SC


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        Straight side

        Really are not worth much but, I do use when hand stripping a dog. After pulling an area I brush over that spot and it lines the hairs up perfectly to see what you may have missed. It will lift and fluff as well. I don't use that side much.


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          I was told it is for poodle hair............

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            I know Les Poochs says to use it kind of like a curry I believe. I love it for fluff drying myself. Sometimes the other side just "catches" too much. It's also great for helping distribute my speed dry spray before I dry to distribute the product.
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              It is one of those odd features you have to try and find a use for.

              Which means it is pretty much useless.


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                Sheila nailed it...back-scratcher. Now if they would just make one with a telescoping handle...there's one little place I still can't reach.
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