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    I have always used the wahl trimmers and in general love them but my issue lately is that between the dogs and people, they keep dropping them and the tabs on the back of the blades keep breaking, and I just recently bought the blade again and a coworker dropped it the next day and the tab broke so it's not useable anymore, there goes another 20 bucks, any suggestions,
    I have even tried putting it in a spot that it shouldn't have moved but someone moved the furniture and dropped it, I've already replaced it about 6 times just for tabs breaking on them anyone have any suggestions on trimmers that don't use the tabbed blades cuz I am tired of wasting money on blades that are perfectly fine if the tab did not break on them

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    That's exactly what happened to me and on the advice of others on this board, I bought the Laube
    Speed Feed. LOVE them! Haven't had any of the blade issues I had with the Wahl.


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      I have the Geib Excello trimmers and I LOVE them. They are VERY quiet and weigh almost nothing. My co-worker has always used the wahl trimmers, both the arco and the mini arco and she is now a Geib Excello convert. She said the only thing she wishes she could change about the excellos is to have them cut a little closer on the #40 setting.


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        First of all; trimmers and any type of equipment will not do well if dropped. That you must work on. In my 4 years of being mobile I have a drawer full of trimmers that I have tried out. I loved the Laube zipper; lot of power and a great cut but....within a few months...the cord tends to stretch where it plugs into the clipper...these are cord/cordless. So I moved on. I am very picky about trimmers and tire of wasted money. I think I have finally be impressed with the Wahl Mini-Arco trimmer. It has 6000 SPM and the blade "cuts". It is awesome for pads and for tipping ears on Yorkie's and Westie's. I had my other groomer try it for a day and she had to have one as well. So....we have put them through a ringer for about 3 months now and still impressed. As with anything...its trial and error...and a lot of money.