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    In my new thinning shears. I have been usiing Double Duck for the last 5 years and I know they are low end as far as shears go but they have been little workhorses that I have had no trouble with. I decided to try something different and bought a pair of Monk Lites. While I like how they fit my hand and the weight is great, I have had nothing but trouble with the tension. The tension screw keeps loosening to the point of my only being able to take a couple of snips before having to tighten them. Has anyone else had this happen ? I sent them back today for a replacement, hopefully it is a problem with this particular pair and not something that will happen again.

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    I have a pair of monk thinners, curves and straights. I haven't had any problems with the thinners or straights, sometimes with the curves I have to adjust the screw because it does loosen while I'm using it. Other than that, I do like them. I bought some auzzies at the pasadena groom expo that I really nice and not real pricey.


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      Not Monks,

      but I have a pair of Master 5900's that always loosen up. I tried fixing it, but it didn't last. I'd love to find a permanent solution, although I never use them.


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        A drop of Loctite??

        That's what my sharpener used on one of my shears when the screw kept coming loose. Haven't had a problem with the screw since he did that a few weeks ago.


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          I have started buying shears that have a ball bearing vs. a tension adjuster. That sucker always irritated me. LOL.

          P.S. According to Shark Fin shears should be adjusted every day at the end of the day or the tension can loosen.
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            A slight bend in the tension plate will usually fix it. If it doesn't then the plate can be replaced. Those Monks Lites are a decent thinner, you did the right thing sending them back.

            Tension on a convex shear is critical for performance and edge life. Any new shear that uses washers will need to be oiled and have the tension checked and adjusted regularly or as the washer wears the shear will gradually become loose and fold hair. After the washer breaks in they will go weeks without needing adjustment but checking them daily when you clean and oil is still a good habit to develop. Shears with bearings hold their adjustment longer, but they should be cleaned and oiled daily too. Taking the extra 10 seconds to daily adjust the tension when you clean is not a big deal IMO. If you have to do it several times during the day then either something is wrong with the shear or the method you are using to adjust them.