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New Geib Pink Poodle Shears

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  • New Geib Pink Poodle Shears

    Has anyone seen the new Geib pink poodle shears? Petedge has them and they are pretty darn cute. They aren't quite as cute as the Kenchii pink poodle shears but I really like them. Petedge doesn't have good pics up yet, hopefully they will have some better pics up soon. They are a pretty good price too $160-$200 and they come in 10in which I really like. I'm thinking about getting a pair, but don't have the funds at the moment. If anyone decides to get them please give us a review.

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    I haven't used them but I did get to see a pair the other day. I liked the avanti line by Geib a little better. The pink poodle ones were nice looking but I just didn't like how they felt in my hand. I've got small hands and maybe they were just too much shear for a good fit. I don't know they just felt a little bulky for lack of a better word. The Avanti ones were to die for. I'm going to get rid of some of my kenchii's so I can get a pair, at $400 they're a little pricey.


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      Yeah, I thought they looked like a pretty substantial shear, but I like bigger/heavier shears for certain coat types. Good thing Petedge has a good return policy...