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  • Wahl Arco

    Who has this and how do you like it?

    I'm thinking of trying one of these to replace my speed feed for face work, feet, sanitary.

    Is is quit?
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    I love it! I bought mine second hand and used for every face/foot/sanitary/poodle pattern for three years before I cracked the housing and it would no longer hold the battery. I bought a Chromado cuz I wanted to try it. I liked my Arco better. Smaller, lighter, quieter, but runs faster. The thing was 6 years old before it finally croaked. And I'm a total klutz and dropped it many a time. My Chromado still works pretty good though.

    I've never owned a Speed Feed or Bravura so I can't compare with them, but I did love my Arco.
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      I love my arco. I just bought another as a back up in case anything happens to the one I'm using. I use it on almost every groom. Groomers on here have said it is not all that quiet, but I find in more quiet than my KM2 or switchblade.


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        I'm presently using an Arco now (the pink one) and I'm really liking it.


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          I have owned both. I still have both...

          I find the Arco has a smoother finish. The blades also seem to last longer. Oh, changing to blade is SOOO much easier than the Speed Feed.

          Before I was a Wahl Bravada/Chromado/Arco convert, I was all about the speed feed. Then, the batteries stopped keeping their charges. Next, the charging base broke. So, I bought another one. I had two in 2 years. I have now owned the same arco for THREE years with no probs... My Speed Feed is now solely used as a back-up.

          Go Wahl for your trimmer.


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            i use mine on every groom. I've had it for about a year..and it's starting to not work consistently..but it may be my fault when i accidentally threw it across the room...(but it still works most of the time..) and i have dropped it several time/fallen off the if you have alot of accidents like me it's very nice