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Anyone ever have thier speed feeds fixed?

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  • Anyone ever have thier speed feeds fixed?

    Yesterday when clipping feet it started reving up and down and I thought the battery was pooping out even though I had charged them but running it today I realize the motor is probably dying. I've had it for two years but I haven't used it tons by any means. I use it mostly for faces, sanitary and feet.

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    Don't throw good money after bad!

    I tried. I found that a 55 gallon trash can was a much better fix than anything else and I went to a different brand of trimmer. These it seems just do not last worth a flip. I'm not opposed to buying things that the salon and it's employees need and I also realize that some things, like trimmers, are consumables and must be replaced regularly. But I purchased 7 of them for us and within 2 months all but 2 of them were just no good; they'd vibrate your hand off and didn't want to cut properly even with a new blade. And then to add insult to injury Laube basically told me the reason for their breakage was operator error! One of them was mine and I hardly used it. Our tools are locked up every day in tool chests that I provide so no one else was using and abusing someone else's trimmer. And mine? My employees know better! A couple of the girls bought a new head to go on theirs and got a little bit more life out of it but they did end up tossing them out. I must say it would be a nice little trimmer if it had more of a lifespan. The first Wahl Arco/Moser trimmer I ever purchased is still going strong and doesn't vibrate my hand off. The Laube Speed Feed IME was trash withed very little hard usage.


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      I bought one almost two years ago. I worked great at first, but in no time the battery didn't seem to be charging right. I brought it to one of the groom shows, and they said nothing was wrong with it! I've hardly use it in a year. It doesn't seem to have any power. I just sent it back to Laube, with the battery charger, and told them it wasn't working right. They called and said, "there's nothing wrong with it." I told them to check it again! I'm waiting for a reply.


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        Still use mine BUT -

        I think it is Particentral who loves using hers with the combs for finishing, but there is no way mine could do that. It does not have enough life in it, does not recharge properly for that kind of work. I use it for privates, foot pads, and some Poodle faces (when it keeps running long enough).

        If it had more oomph I would love it, but I will probably have to change to another brand of trimmer.


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          Debbie dogs that is what I am expierencing it doesn't have any oomph and I have never used them for anything except privates, feet and under the eyes and small poodle faces for that reason mine wont seem to cut through and amount of hair and the battery doesn't seem to charge correctly or stay charged too long.


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            The Speed feed is just a trimmer and not a cordless clipper. It doesnt have alot of torque to it and will slow down in tough coat. When it slows down is when the motor is overworked and over time can cause problems.

            The batteries last a long time but I found out from my poersonal experience that leaving them in the charger all the time cuts the life. When the lights turned green I took it off the charger and Im still using batteries Ive had over 6 years. I also have batteries ive used while leaving the unit on the charger and they went out on a year or so. Just because the green lights come on doesnt really mean the current has stopped. I think its still keeping the battery warm as it discharges while its in the stand. I personally wouldnt leave in in the stand, but if your batteries are lasting 5 years or more by doing it good for you!

            The speedfeed is so inexpensive that its not cost effective to send it to Laube or have it serviced someplace. The handpiece is $37, and the batteries are $29 a piece right on the LAube website. You cant buy LAube parts any cheaper so why not get them from Laube direct and you only need a credit card. I pay the same price and Im a service center for Alabama and Louisiana.

            When LAube said the system was working they were probably correct, the charger was working. Just because the batteries didnt hold a charge is something they dont warranty. If you got a new battery it may be whats wrong, you will have to see. If the battery is no good the speedfeed will not hold speed while cutting and will be dead in a few minutes.

            Here is a link to the LAube Store and the page both the battery and handpiece can be ordered.


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              I was looking forward to the responses on this post because I was in the market for purchasing a back up clipper. I went into work on my day off today and found out my clipper had completely stopped working! The red light turns on but nothing happens.. tried both batteries and nothing. So now I don't know what to purchase! Another speed feed or a whal?


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                I hate that you are having issues with yours. I have 5 of them and all are great. Have not had ONE that didnt work well. Hate to disagree, but I use mine for EVERYTHING including chow and husky shavedowns. I also use mine for comb clipping DAILY. Saturday I think I groomed 7 or 8 dogs with mine and NEVER picked up another clipper for those dogs. I use it constantly and some days its the only clipper I use.

                I do know that some people have issues. I understand that. I have not had those issues. I still ave my original Speed Feed clipper in fact. I think its 5 or 6 years old...I DO have to replace batteries every 6 months or so. I buy 3 or 4 at a time. Rotate them through.

                Laube did the same thing to me over batteries on my Lightening Cordless. It worked for THEM, but after 5 m inutes or so (they dont test them that long) they would die....turns out it was the charger. I did the diagnosis myself. If they cannot get the clipper to do what you say it is doing in a few minutes, they will assume its working. Not their fault. They dont groom with the clipper while its being fixed, so they dont know what it isnt doing.
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