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Anyone else have problems with their Wahl Arco?

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  • Anyone else have problems with their Wahl Arco?

    I'm lost without it when doing toy poodle faces and mini schnauzers and lots of others.
    Here's my question: Has anyone else had the same problem with these clippers? I'm planning to buy another as a backup, but deciding between the Arco & the Bravura. Other than Speed Feed (a hassle getting blades and batteries), so since.

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    What kind of problems are you having. I love mine and want to either purchase a back up pair or I was considering the brauva or the chromado.


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      I have had both the Speed Feed and the Arco.

      I prefer the Speed Feed. The Arco starts out okay but after short time tends to get extremely noisy. Like, far noisier than regular clippers.


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        My co-worker has the Arcos and she said that when she first got them they were great, but after a while they just went down hill. They are VERY noisy now, but she said they weren't really all that quiet when she first got them. She was going to buy a new pair but then decided to reconsider because she isn't happy with them anymore.
        I'm not sure about the Bravuras or the Speedfeeds...seems like most people on here are split between the bravura and speedfeed. I personally don't like the arcos because I feel like they cause clipper irritation easily and they nick really easily as well. I've been wanting to try a pair of Speedfeeds, but I don't want to buy them and no be happy with them.


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          I used to have the pink Arcos ( they were already at the shop I am in now. I love having trimmers and had no idea how wonderful they are).
          They got dropped / kicked off the table one to many times and I even duck taped them for a while to make them work but ended up buying a chromado. I thought the upside to this was that when the battery died I could just plug them in and keep grooming. Boy was I wrong...

          I love the way they cut, the blades, everything about them less one exception the stupid cord. It is impossible. The first cord that I had I assumed may have gotten shortened out because I was using them in the stand as well as plugged in to groom.
          So I ordered another cord thinking problem solved.. ha... This one comes not working right. There is a thick part up by the base where it plugs in and it is ALWAYS pinched when it arrives.
          So I would just make sure it was in the "right spot" by moving the cord around a little and this lasted for about 4 months until it shorted out my whole clippers....
          Sent them off to Wahl and they sent me new clippers and a new cord..
          The new clippers wouldn't even charge when i got the new cord.. again wiggle it around a little where the big part is and it works for a while.
          SO i ordered another cord right now I have a comb and a magnetic clip holding the cord in the right spot until my new one arrives... Needless to say I would not recommend this to anyone I literally spend more than 15 minutes every single day trying to get them to charge.The clippers always sit in the same place with no one ever touching the cord. It is infuriating, and once i get some extra cash will be ordering something else.
          I am appalled at Wahl for making something so inferior.. Those clippers were expensive and were suppose to be an investment not a hassle.

          Just my two cents but I did like my arco but there is no way I will be buying anything other trimmers from wahl..


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            I like WAHL!

            I have the KM2, switchblade and the arco from wahl. I use the KM2 or the switchblade for most of what I need to do and use the arco for the sanitary, feet and some faces. I do like them. Sometimes for really matted dogs, they really get under the mat with no hassle I also have an oster clipper, and a lister stablemate, which I use on livestock. I really do like the wahl products though, but I have not had any problems so far.