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Oster 26 tooth Blenders

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  • Oster 26 tooth Blenders

    Does anyone else have these and what types of coats/dogs do you like to use them on and for what?

    I bought some at Hershey cause they were using them on a standard poodle with a nice coat just like scissors to smooth the coat over and they were cross cutting without leaving any marks.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried them with the lay of the coat on drop coats, cock-a-poos or English setter type feathers on the legs?
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    I use them on pretty much everything, they are great. I would be lost without them.



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      yeah i use them everyday for everything! i have the pink coloured ones . I love them esp. for finishing med to large 'doodle' type dogs, and for outlining and trimming double coats and combination coats. You can really just use them for anything that you can use straights on....but you get a nice natural feathery finish


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        I have the blue titanium ones and love them.. had to get them sharpened first before they worked properly. Really like them for everything, doodles, wheatens, cocker surburban trims, golden retriever-type feathers, setting belly fringe on schnauzers, tidying up longer puppy cuts on shih tzu-types and especially good for fan tails on every type of dog I find...all kinds of stuff.

        They do have a learning curve.. I lend them to my part timer to try from time to time and she really can't figure them out. They are a little indimidating & agressive but you'll get used to them.. just don't jump right in and go crazy with them the first time!

        You definitely need a pair of


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          Hey Oster why must you leave us lefties out??? I need a pair of those. Oster was giving free scissors away last year in Pasadena but they were for righties gave them my address and they said they would send me a pair of lefties never did. OH WELL


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            First time I used them, I said, "WOW!"

            The first stroke iI took, I said,"WOW!" They make the job go so fast! Used them on a yorkie pants: Great! Use them on so many places....skirts are treat, hocks, pants, feathers...just don't go overboard...they are aggressive. At Atlanta, they were 2 for 1, great deal, plus a trimmer!


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              I think you can do just about anything with these too. I have the Geib ones that look the same,and they are invaluable to me.
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