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  • Clipper Vac?

    I am going to be opening my house call grooming business in June if all goes as planned. I have been grooming in a shop for many years now.

    I have never used a Clipper Vac. They look bulky and hard to get used to. and I know people do struggle with them. What is your opinion on clipper vac systems? I am scared to get one, pay all that money and not ever be able to get used to it! But I almost feel like to do house call grooming you have GOT to have a clipper vac, or you will make a mess in someone's home.

    Do you have any recommendations for a small clipper vac that would be easy for me to take house to house?

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    git one!

    If someone said I could never use a clipper vac again I would quit grooming! Once you get used to it you"ll wonder how you did w/o it. Sooooo much less mess and things go quicker. You get a truer length with a smoother result. I've only used the Romani clipper vac but will be getting a Hanvey Taxi vac for my own shop.


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      I agree with ruckus. At first I wasn't a fan, but once you're used to it you hate grooming without it. I'm in mobile and have the Taxi vac, but I know people who have purchsed the Romani Tote for it's portabilty. Just remember to go at least a comb size up when using the vac and blades like a #7 and #10 for body clipping my leave marks if not done as a rev.