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The dogs are drying so quickly ... why?

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  • The dogs are drying so quickly ... why?

    I bought a used cage bank 2 days ago for $400 plus promised to groom a few of her dogs. It is a Hunt 7ft tall and 5ft wide - 4 cages w/partition that can be removed.

    I washed a yorkie and placed her in the top w/a small blower on her. She was dry quickly but didn't think much about it.

    Then washed a bermese that had tons of coat - dry in less than 30 minutes ... my bear blowing on him. (he usually takes 45 -55 minutes in my other cage.

    Same thing w/a Great Pyr ... less then 30 and only had to finish up the ears.

    Is it the material of the bank that makes the drying go more quickly? The fact that it is narrower? The way the air blows around because 3 sides are solid? Or maybe because they are up off the bottom and sitting on a rack?

    If this is really the case ... it is going to save me tons of time which in turn means money. I just ordered a new dryer thinking that was my problem. Now I am thinking I should have done this sooner.

    I am so excited.

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    I personally think that it's because the dogs are up on a grate. That way the air can circulate all around the body. Where as with regular kennels the dogs usually sit on a towel or whatever and no air gets to the part against the bottom.

    When I used to work at Petsomething they had grates in their kennels and the dogs would dry very fast. I couldn't believe the difference when I quit and started working elsewhere.


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      Likely the solid walls and rack are helping to really utilize in the air circulation. I have 2 very lg. stainless walled cages w/ racks, and the dogs definitely dry faster. I do not use heat when I am drying the dogs in those "boxes"...even though they are fairly large cages.
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        See if it works on a Cav.
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          that should show ya!

          Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
          See if it works on a Cav.


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            I love my cage bank! The solid walls force the air to circulate all around the dog like a convection and the raised flooring gets that swirling air up underneath more wet rears and bellies from dogs who huddle up in the fetal position while caged.


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              Solid walls

              If you were drying in wire cages, I can tell you that solid walls make a huge difference. HOWEVER they also make a huge difference in how warm the space gets!! So you need to observe your dogs much more closely. It's difficult to overheat a dog in an open wire cage, but easy to do in a more enclosed space.

              And of course a grate/rack helps dry, too, but in my experience the enclosed space is a bigger factor.