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Thinning shears for a friend. (Aussies & Berner)

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  • Thinning shears for a friend. (Aussies & Berner)

    It's a real friend this time...not one of my many imaginary ones.

    She's looking for a pair of thinning shears for under 100 bucks to occasionally thin out Aussie and Berner types, back of hocks to ground ONLY .
    Any suggestions?

    The last place I sent my thinners for sharpening...the dude sent them back w/ a note saying "not worth sharpening", lol!
    I am gonna get some new ones for myself...but I'm looking at things a little higher priced than her price I had no recommendations for her.
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    I have a large pair from Oster, 26T I think. However I bought an older model (they came out with a newer one for above her price range) that they still had for about $80. So she might try calling them to see if they have anymore.


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      Same ones I have always used

      I have 400$ ones and 89$ ones and every price in between and I still like the Miller Forge 46 tooth 84.99 at Cherrybrook probably cheaper elsewhere. Can't beat 'em and they are indestructible. They chunk thin bevel whatever. They are always in my work kit.