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Heavy Duty Clippers???

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  • Heavy Duty Clippers???

    Ok, I am on the hunt for some heavy duty clippers for those OAY shave downs. I currently have a pair of the Oster horse clippers, but they are VERY heavy and cumbersome. I have been looking at the new Wahl horse clippers as well as the new Andis horse clippers. They are both around the same price and size. I'm also considering the Double K clippers, but a friend of mine said that the clippers themselves are awesome but the cable gets heavy after a while and it also gets in the way.

    If anyone has any experience with any of these clippers I'd love to hear some feedback. Or if you have some other suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em. I'm willing to spend about $300 to $350.

    We do so many OAY shave downs here and I just don't know if my arm can take another year of using those Osters all day long.

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    laube to me is the best out there it's the only ones i use!


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      get the Laube lightening clippers. they are my every day clippers and I love them!


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        Laube ... I love all of my 4 Laube Lazor clippers, but the cordless ones ROCK!! You could shear camels all day with those babies