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    Does anyone like this better than the #40 or #30? I ordered one and I loaned my last #40and it was broken. but before I ordered another one,I was wondering if I would used the #35 more without abusing it llike the #40,.I have A #30 THAT I OR MY FREIND DONT KNOW WHO ,now has a broken tooth so Ill have to use that over my combs till I get another one also wondering what I would like better.I got a trimmer so If I were going to use a clipper on pads and not scissor them ,Id use the trimmer and i cant think of anything else id use the #40 for.I also ordered andis snap ons Im sick of my wahls ss combs I dont love how they keep breakin the blades lol .any help is alwyas appreciated from you guys!!! THANK YOU!

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    The SS blades should NEVER be used over a 40, and if that is what you are using that is why you are breaking your blades. I wouldn't use it over a 35 either. Nothing shorter than a 30 under the Stainless Steel snap ons or they will eat your blades. I have one 35 and really didn't notice any difference between it and my 40 except that the teeth didn't break as easily. But since I don't use my plastic combs anymore it collects dust.
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      Make sure you are using the right blade for the right purpose. Quite a few people have made this mistake with the Wahl SS combs; DO NOT USE A 40 blade. If you do you will chew it up!

      The Wahl combs are so much smoother to use. You can use a #30, #15, #10 or even a #9 blade under them. If you did use a #40 it probably made a terrible grating/scraping noise.

      I no longer use my plastic combs and I've given my #40 blades away. Not sure about that #35 blade.



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        LOL-I just ordered plastic andis combs I am going to see if I like them I have 2 kim laube ones someone gave me I really like them.If I like the plastic ones iM going to use them instead.


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          I loved my 35 for pads of feet and under plastic combs. sadly mine perished when metal combs were still new and i didn't know any better