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HELP I need a new cordless trimmer

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  • HELP I need a new cordless trimmer

    I know that trimmers have been discussed before on this post, and I've read all about the Speed Feed, Wahl's Bravura, chromado, and arco... and actually own the Speed feed...but my problem is that I use the Wahl tid bit and love the little narrow blade (but the clipper is dying) for poodle feet....I am looking for a cordless trimmer that works well like this one...can anyone recommend a good reliable cordless trimmer that has a small blade like the tid bit?

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    Look at the Wahl Mini Moser. It's very small and great for poodle feet. It's cordless and also has a plug.


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      Also, if you need to use your normal clippers, a 3/4 toe blade is awesome for small poodle feet. I like it even better than the mini trimmers.


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        I got the little Oster one not long ago. LOVE it. It's cord/cordless, and is great around lips, ears, feet, all those little spots. It comes with attachable combs, but I've no idea why. I can do the pads on a cocker, for exampe, it just doesn't have the strength for that. But the mini blade itself cuts about the length of a #30.