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Experiences with Oster Supersteels ?

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  • Experiences with Oster Supersteels ?

    I am in need of a new pair of thinners. Does anyone have any experience with the quality and cut of the Oster Supersteel 46 tooth thinners? I've always bought geibs.....

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    Tried them, thought they stunk, GAVE them to the groomer down the road from me!!!

    I now have the set from Jody Murphy and couldn't live without them now!


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      Since they had (have) a killer deal on a free pair of thinners with any straight or curved at Ryans or a free pair of straight with any other (bought the thinners, free straights) I thought I'd try them. I tried them for one day... Cleaned and boxed them up and had them returned. I figured the payout of shipping was better than the investment in something I didn't like.

      Ironically, my favorite pair of thinners so far has turned out to be the rainbow master grooming set (bought to be a cheap starter)... I've bought (and returned) about 4 other types and keep reaching for these... can't figure out why they work so much better.

      Waiting for my Kenchii five star offset set...they have a 44 thinner in them, I'll let you know what I Think.