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    does anyone know where to find the mat breaker that is white with the gray handle? i used to get them from petedge along with replacement blades, now they only seem to have the master grooming (I think thats what it was) ones. i ordered the master replacment blades, and they fit and look the same as the matbreaker ones but do not seem sharp.

    i just checked ryans and groomers choice, any ideas?

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    foster and smith

    google foster and smith they sell grooming supplies, i looked and they have it available and also the blades.


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      thanks i will check that out....


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        I believe I heard they stopped making them,..... We love that thing. But Ryan's has their own brand of them, and pet edge made their own, like you saw.


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          My coworker just ordered herself and me new ones with replacement blades, from I believe it was Ryan`s. (if not Ryan`s, it was Foster and Smith)They are dark blue with a black handle, and they come with a really cool plastic cover you can slip over the blades when not in use. I don`t know why they didn`t think of that earlier.


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            ooo i hope they did not stop making them, i have used that tool forever! if that is the case i hope one of the new ones works as well. the new ones do look the same. maybe the one from ryans is better. toomie are you happy with the blu/blk ones?


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              I talked to Ryan's directly and they told me that the manufacturer has stopped making them. I am really sad about it. The other brands just don't work as well.
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                How/why do you use one of these tools? Doesn't it make the hair more susceptible to matting later on?

                I just usually use my LP brush for mats that can be removed safely or split then once or twice with a thinning/blending shear. If the mat needs more than that, it gets clippered off.


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                  i would say it is similar to splitting the mat with a shear or thinner, it breaks up the mat into smaller pieces making it easier to brush out. there may be some damage to the coat, and it does cut some of the hair, but using a heavy slicker breaks the hair as well.

                  personally i have had a lot of success with it, and i have found i am able to save more hair than thinning the mats out. i have always had one though and learned with it, for me in works and is faster than going in with a scissor.

                  guess i will have to see if i can still snatch some up...


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                    i ordered the replacement blades from foster and smith, when i got them i found they are a different brand. the pic they had up was of the gry/wht tool but the blades have a pic of the blu/blk tool on the package... i haven't tried them yet so i will let you know, i hope they work cause i bought a bunch to stock up for a while. i really don't want to send them back. fyi