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Having a problem with a few blades

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  • Having a problem with a few blades

    I have a few different blades that sometimes cut, sometimes dont.

    Particularly my favorite #7 it cuts like butter when it does but but sometimes it just stops...
    I can take off the "sliding part"(whats that called?) and put it back on and sometimes that fixes it.
    Sometimes it doesn't

    It's super random.

    I am thinking about buying all new blades... even though all of my blades should have alot of life left in them. Particularly that 7 because it's one of the newer ones.

    A while back I let someone sharpen my blades, this person came to our shop and sharpened them in his van and brought them back in, they didn't stay sharp long, some of them didn't even work after. So I am thinking they are just broken now.

    Is there anyone who's had or known about this problem? what could it be?
    I think it's my #7 #3 and #5 that does this.

    Can I replace a part to make them work again?

    Like I said sometimes they work. I will be running my clippers over the dog, cutting like butter, then all of a sudden nothing. If I run into the slightest tangle or mat even with a #7 it stops wont cut anything.

    I take of the sliding part, oil the blade then it works, but sometimes it doesn't work.
    Sometimes I wait a few days pick it up and it's working again cutting like butter...

    Any ideas?

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    I would bet anything it is the blade drive


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      I have replaced the blade drive, my actual clippers seem to be in good shape.

      Even if it was the blade drive wouldn't it be weird that the blade can work one second and then the next its dead and then works again 2 seconds later????
      Is this a common drive problem?


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        It sounds like the spring tension is a little weak and hair or debris are getting in between the two surfaces. When you oil the blade, it cleans things up enough that it works again for awhile.
        Don't give up on your blades, they will be fine when they get sharpened and adjusted by a good sharpener.


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          Having them sharped by someone that really knows what they are doing makes all the differnts in the world!!!!!!!!!!! I had some one that pulled up with a trailor do mine once........ Never again, I'll just keep my guy he's the best!!!!