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I only get to pick one! How can I do that?!

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  • I only get to pick one! How can I do that?!

    So, I had a wish list for my new employer and I was rather surprised when they said they would get me a LP Brush. However, because of the price, I only get one! Now, how do I choose?!

    I need the one that will do the most. I'll have a vast variety of dogs, from the little foofoos to the large shave downs, and everything in between. I like the idea of the Matt Zapper, but am I limited to a brush that only does matts (no matter how much I wish dematting was easier)?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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    get a double silver LP brush and you'll have everything covered


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      Matt Zapper!

      I have a *light* hand and use the matt zapper as my main brush. I have the single wide. I also have the double, but rarely use it (it's much too big for small dogs). If you do not have a light hand, then this would work for you as your main brush. I love mine, though, and the dogs are so much happier and better behaved with a good brush and light hand - and I still get all the tangles out. I use this on maltese, yorkies, schnauzers, etc.


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        I have a couple, and I always turn to my wide Green brush


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          I have at least one of each of the PRO brushes (green, purple, silver, & gold) and a zapper. What do I use the most? The silver! It's great for getting out mats, general brushing, and finishing. I hardly every use the zapper or the green and purple. They are courser tined and seem a bit harsher on the coat IMHO. I do use them on the big hairy's and they work great, but the BH's are not a huge part of my client base.


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            LP brushes

            If you have a "light hand" you should get the red Matt Zapper". I have a few different ones; I use the green double and the dark red double on larger dogs, the single blue on smaller dogs. I also have a single yellow for the spoter coats, but really I don't use it too much.

            I have not seen the silver or gold so I am unfamiliar with them. Why are they not shown on the LP website?



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              make sure to ask for whoesale prices...LP gives groomers wholesale prices. Maybe with the discount you can afford 2 brushes.


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                Don't forget to ask for samples when you order!! I have the single mat zapper, but it's the only one I've used.. Its my fav brush, I use it even when I'm not dematting. I have only heard amazing things about the silver, but it may cost more.. I'm not sure.


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                  I'd have to say double green. I can't live without my green and purple LP brushes... Pro groomers get a discounted rate than what their website says, you need to call and talk to them, and who knows, maybe they'll buy you two that way! You are a very lucky girl!