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Laube 2 speed vs variable speed

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  • Laube 2 speed vs variable speed

    I ordered my wife a Laube 2 speed clipper set but I was sent a message telling me that they only have variable speed clippers in stock. They said they could either send me a variable or i could wait till they get the two speed in on Monday and send it then. I am just curious which I should take?

    Thank you all in advance since I have no idea what the differance is and Joy is asleep and I dare not wake her to ask.

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    I LOVE Laube clippers ...and i MUCH prefer variable speed.


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      I have both and like both but definately go for the variable speed, they are so much better, so many more choices. Extra slow and quiet for eyes all the way up to high speed for thick coats and everything in between as needed. I love them.


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          Thanks everyone. Variable it is.


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            Your so nice to get your wife clippers. I wish my hubby would do that. I just another pair. Laube lightening. I kinda have a clipper/shear problem. Brings my total # to 7 clippers.


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              Heh Joy goes through clippers a lot too. Shes got a drwer full of the remains of them. I ended up getting her another for a spare. She pretty much has three clippers that are usable now. The Laube one, I got her a Switchblade as well to be a backup and she also has the Andis Lightning ones she had been using before.

              Lets hope these ones last a while.