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  • Peanut Clippers

    Hello, does anyone use the peanut clippers?? Do you like them? Pro's and con's I looked at some but wanted to get feedback before purchasing them. Thank you!!!!

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    If they are the ones I'm thinking of, I got some at Sally's Beauty Supply. Are they white with a stiff cord?
    They work fine but the cord bothers me because it's TOO stiff.


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      The Peanut is the same clipper as the TidBit. One is marketed for animal use, the other for humans, but I can't remember which is which.

      Anyway, the pros; great, quiet little clipper for puppy faces, great for feet, great for toy Poodle feet, great for clipping out mats behind the ears, in armpits, etc. I think (but could be wrong) you can have the blades sharpened a couple of times before their toast. If you're in a bind, you can get a new blade at Sally's. They're easy to change.

      The cons: the darned blades get dull fairly quickly. Be sure you NEVER use them on a dirty coat, unless you like buying new blades all the time.


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        Peanut clippers

        Thank you very much for the feedback. Greatly appreciated and helpful