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  • What Scissors do I have

    Kind of a weird question, a year ago I purchased a number of gently used grooming supplies from a groomer getting out of pet grooming. I know I got a great deal and I like the scissors but to be honest I have never used any other kind of scissors so I can't really compare them anything else, I feel like I get a great finish but I work by myself so I can't compare my dogs to other groomers. If anyone can direct me to any websites or give me a little information on what brand these are that would be great! Business has been well and I am planning on purchasing some things from my *wish list* and if the scissors I have are a lower grade quality I want to purchase better.
    Here's what I have:
    Curved Monks K-9
    Curved Geib Gators 7.5
    Dovo thinners or blenders? (Can anyone tell me how to tell the difference?)
    Duchess thinners (I know because it says thinners on the scissors)

    Okay I also got a set of blade attachments that kinda throws me off, I know that other sets start with an A, B, C, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. I have 6 of them from Kim Laube & Co. and my set is A, B, C, D, E, and a S 1 5/8" (they are plastic) I have never used them because so far none of my clients have wanted longer than a 3 3/4 blade. I want to buy a set of Wahl stainless steel attachments, it seems they come well recommended on this board. Can someone explain these sizes to me? is this brand good?

    Thanks for all the help in advance, I hope I don't sound too ignorant! I own my own salon so I don't have any other groomers to mentor me or answer my stupid or obvious questions :P

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    I, too, have the Geib Gators, curved. LOVE them! I've tried other curves in the past, but these are my fav by far! And they're not cheap either.

    I also used the Kim L attachments you have. IMO they are a joke, and a waste. Get the Wahl! You won't regret it! And the Wahl's come with a guide to let you know which comb is what length (my guide is, of course, at work and not here). There should be a guide with the others as well.

    Hope this helps some!


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      I think those plastic Laube combs came in two sets, a set of larger combs - the ones that you have and a set of smaller ones. Buy the Wahl Stainless Steel ones, they are quite cheap. Both the Monks and the Geibs are good shears, I have never heard of the others.


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        Originally posted by flemishr2cool View Post
        Okay I.... Can someone explain these sizes to me? is this brand good?
        In the Laube clip on combs the "lettered" set the one you have are for lenghts greater than one inch A=1in C=1 1/2in E=2in (they had to change plastic manufacture so they only come in black and yellow now but you may have a different color if you have older ones so don't let that throw you if you look at thier site.) Now the Laube "numbered" set were lenghts less than 1 in which I now use my stainless set for. It can get a bit confusing because the stainless set uses numbers AND letters for lenghts under 1 in. The great thing about then other than usual is that the lenght they leave is melded into the plastic part of the clipper attchment in inches and mm so you can compare them to your blades and other comb sets. Hope that helps.