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Going to buy Laube clippers but which one?

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  • Going to buy Laube clippers but which one?

    I currently have a Switchblade by Wahl and an old set of Osters that I keep as backups. I miss my Laubes. I used to have a set of Lazors, but sold them to a friend when we left Okinawa back in 2004. I like the way the Switchblade feels in my hand, but I miss my Laubes! So, I'm gonna buy a new pair. I bought the first pair of Laubes back in 2000 or maybe 2001 and they were all black! They were powerful and I loved the cordless aspect of them. Never had any issues with them.

    So, now that I've decided that I need a new set of Laubes there are so many choices. I'm liking the Litening, but I know a lot of you use the Micro Minis. Which would you recommend? I really like the pink on the Cowgirl...

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    Talk to Gracy Rose. She's a Laube rep and could help you find an awesome pair that meet your needs perfectly. Plus, she'll know if you should wait for something new coming out as well. Right now I'm using the Ivac ones (they work for my clipper vac on the mobile) and love them. I started with the Laube (when they had the color choices) and tried others and now are right back to the Laube's. Good luck and enjoy them when you get them. New clippers are like Christmas to groomers!


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      The litening and mini micro are the same exact clippers with a different handpiece. I love my lightening. All clippers now are yellow and black with the exception of the lightening which is also availabe in hot pink known as the cowgirl clipper.


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        Just a note. The Mini and Litening are not as powerful as the Lazor. If you have heavy shave downs then the Lazor is the workhorse. Well maintained dogs will do fine with the first 2.
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          Don't forget the Laube I-Vac,just in case you want to try a vaccuum type clipper. I LOVE mine.
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            Stacie- although the lazor is powerful the Lightening and Mini Micro will do anything that you find as a groomer unless you are getting tons of sheep that are constantly needing to be pelted (I mean actual Sheep not OAY).

            The Lazor is an awesome clipper just much heavier and larger.


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              Not a lot of heavy shave downs....knock on wood!

              So far I have not had a lot of heavy shave downs. However, I think the summer in Okinawa will bring a lot of Golden Retrievers to my door, with mom requesting short hair! I had one last week and it seemed like it took forever with the Switchblade. I also have ceramic blades. Wondering if the Laube will help with the dragging that I feel with them on the Switchblade?
              Decisions decisions....I really like the Hot Pink Cowgirl. I'm on the fence though. Cowgirl or Lazor.


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                Personally, I'd go with the Cowgirl. Even the Litening and mirco mini are far more powerful than andis, wahl or oster. Last time I really researched it (it's been a few yrs) the high setting on those clippers is close to the low settings on the Laube models. So you can imagine that the high packs quite a punch. I shave my horse with my lightenings! I would think the extra weight of the Lazor might fatigue your hand more. As for the ceramic blades I have no idea if they will help. I'd imagine it would be better since Laube has that extra secure latch so the blades don't wobble as much as with other models. Personally, I use mine with Geib and Laube blades, but I'll try soem ceramics and get back with ya.