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Blade and Clipper question?

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  • Blade and Clipper question?

    Is it possible to use the Oster Cryogen-X AgIOn blades on a switchblade?

    Also, I am having issues with my Oster clipper. It's a powermax 2 speed. The lever that the blade is on moves away from the clippers and it's not locking in like it use to. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to send it in? Hopefully this makes sense! It started randomly the other day.

    AND my arco clippers seem like they are not cutting very well and are making a high pitch noise when i am turning them on? Has anyone had this problem?

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    It was a bad day when all of my equipment decided not to turn on!

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    Yes, the switchblade uses standard A5 blades. I'm not a fan of the switchblade clipper but some people like them.

    If I am understanding the problem correctly, a new hinge and lock will fox the problem with your PowerMax clippers. It's easy to replace and you can do it yourself. The A5 hinge and lock are the same as the ones used on the Powermax and the parts will be easier to find listed under the A5 model.

    What model or arco clipper do you have?