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My first clippers....brands? new or used? order online?

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  • My first clippers....brands? new or used? order online?

    I'll be using them on my dogs and on the dogs I practice on for free til I get my certificate. It should go through heavy and thin hair so I'm thinking I'd better get a 2-speed.

    this information might be a bit dated but the Andis AG plus and The Laube Mini Lazor clipper are recommended. What do you guys think of those two? What about Wahl 2-speed clippers?

    Also, what do you guys think of ordering used ones over the internet? Is this a bad idea? I feel that it's not always a great idea to take people's words at face value. On ebay, there is some accountability because I can lower their rating if I'm unsatisfied. I'm also considering buying from the classifieds on this site. Maybe I could offer to pay 80% before shipping, and the rest once I've received and tested the shipment? Have any of you had bad experiences ordering things second-hand over the internet? Would I be better off to just spring for brand new clippers from a pet supply house?

    Clippers are just one thing: I'm planning on buying everything else second-hand over the internet too. My understanding is that they have so many delicate parts that if they're used, there's a better chance they won't work properly, especially if they've ever been dropped. I also need to buy a dryer and the rest: combs, shampoo, disinfectant, just everything. Money is a big concern so I want to get as much second-hand as possible.

    Any tips and advice?

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    One thing about ebay...sometimes they are clippers they bought that were defective from a company...found that out the hard way...3 months after the purchase.

    I would order from well known reputable company.

    Go with quality!!! Cheaping out never works. Read reviews from other groomers. Then make your decision. My first clippers are still my fav's I bought Andis Super AGC 2 Speed, love my little workhorse


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      I love my Laube Mini Micro. I bought one used from my sharpener for $130 and it works well, just as well as a new one I purchased later. I would definitely recommend contacting a sharpener for used/refurbished shears/clippers, maybe even blades. Love's Sharpening, Northern Tails' Sharpening, and Precision Sharp are three popular ones among the forum. Check Craigslist, too, for local deals.
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        If you use ebay you have 45 days from pruchase to raise any concern with your purchase.aLSO I f you pay with with paypal funded with a credit card you sometimes have 6 months depending on your card issuers policy.I never worry about ebay purchases,I bought a used pair of oster clippers anbout 5 months ago-still no problems with them.


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          Not necessarily true about the ebay refund policy unless it was just changed. From being both a buyer and seller on ebay, if it is clearly stated in the refund section of the item there may not be any returns or a limited time to do so. Personally I would not mis-represent any item sold, but I would never send an item ebay or otherwise at less than the full purchase price.

          PayPal allows you to dispute the item you purchased, but you may not win your dispute either. Been there done that one too. PayPal decides your refund. It's a buyer beware game when buying anything second hand or otherwise.