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Shear Design Question?

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  • lilmamagrmr

    I've been using straight shanks with offset holes, which were ok, I do find my hand or armw getting in the way sometimes though, of what I'm trying to see to cut. Makes me lean over and rest the top of my head on the table to do legs sometimes. I just got a pair of thinners that have straight shanks and finger/holes, while the scissors work REALLY well, I do notice my forearm getting tired way faster tham with my other shears. I've been borrowing my bosses curves with bent shanks and straight finger holes, while my curves are being sharpened, I have to say I've fallen in luv w/them. My arm's not in the way, I can see what I'm doing, it seems to be a better angle to cut at, for me anyways. I may have to get myself a pair.

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  • Peaster
    started a topic Shear Design Question?

    Shear Design Question?

    I am looking for information souces on the different design options for shears. Not the metal or cutting edge but more the handle design. What benifit does the bent shank or swivle have. I am looking at the biomechanical aspect of how we as groomer use shears and what options there are out there to solve hand, wrist, issues. I'm intersted in videos, articles or individuals that would be willing to share me. Thanks for any recomendations.