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Starting out: Brushes

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  • Starting out: Brushes

    What types of brushes/combs/rakes/dematting/etc do you all recommend for someone who is starting out as a grooming apprentice?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I LOVE all my brushes and combs from Chris Christensen. They last forever and feel comfortable in my hands.


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      Well my two cents are this.

      Les Poochs. Their brushes are awesome. I love the mat Zapper.
      I recently purchased a new Miller Forge slicker. I think its called the elite series. Its a soft slicker. Great for cats and soft coat breads.

      I have a couple of the Franks universals. I still use them from time to time as a medium slicker. However once you use the les pooch you will only use these to work out messes and dirty coats.

      I have a single and a double wide (purple) Master groomer slicker brushes. They are king of like a les pooch knock off. Not bad, but they are no les pooch.

      I also have a Master Equipments slicker that is firm. It does a good job.

      I have a basice Undercoat brush. Several styles of mat breakers.

      I have a combination comb with a fine and medium tooth layout.

      I have a facial comb. Good for working out eye and food boogers.

      I do not own any CC brushes. I borrowed one in grooming school to use on a Havnese that was matted in full show coat. It was the T-handle pin brush. It was awesome. Its on my wish list. I know lots of other people on here use his othe brushes.

      If you can afford them I would just look at buying les pooch or CC brushes. If I add up what I spent on the other brushes trying them out I would have spent about the same type of money.


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        I got the Chris Christensen slicker brushes when I started out. Two years later they are still in great shape. They are more expensive to start out, but their quality is incredible. The pins are each rounded off, so I dont worry about scraping or hurting the skin of the dogs I groom. I've recently gotten a couple Les Poochs brushes and they are nice but I still worry about hurting the skin.

        I use the Coat King brand for undercoat removal.

        I only use Chris Christensen combs, I have tried many other brands and they simply are NOT the same.
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          I use Les Poochs and Chris Christensen brushes. (I also have an AVEDA brush that I occasionally use when needed...)

          I use three different combs: one resco wide toothed, one of those cheap big combs with wide/fine teeth on each end, and I use a Sally Beauty Supply comb coated in silicone.


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            I love LesPoochs, Chris Christensen, Laube and Bass.


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              Thank you all so much for your input!

              =) looking up brushes right now!


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                Ouch.... I love these brushes (CC and Les Pooch) but for an apprentice just starting out, the price is UP there... I'm still saving for them and I've been grooming for 14 years!! Here are some more realistic alternatives if you find the pricing high for the others:

                My favorite brush set is the Miller Forge curved slicker "Vista Shedding"... This particular series (available in small, med, large) has a sharp curve (good for concentrated contact), fairly rigid teeth (two levels of teeth for deshedding, also) and is great for dematting. These have been my go-to for most of my grooming years (especially the small and medium).
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                Until you can afford the Les Pooch version, these are actually a very good substitute, I have the medium hardness and the extra firm in the double wide variety and all three in the single wide variety. They get mats out AWESOME... I can only imagine how well the Les Pooch work (these are knock offs, but do the job!) Just be careful... try to not touch the skin with them, just the knots...

                Hope this helps with the sticker shock of the other recommendations (though the recommendations *are* awesome brushes)