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clipper and blade storage

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  • clipper and blade storage

    Hi. I am VERY new! I bought an Andis clipper and some blades to start off with but was wondering about how to store them.

    Do you store the clipper with a blade on or off?

    I have a case to carry everything and the case has two black boxes that come up and out to the sides. The one black box has little compartments that seems like that's where the blades go. Is that where you put the blades and do they go teeth up or teeth down or teeth to the side?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey! I store my clippers with no blade. I don't want to accidentally drop the clippers and chip any teeth off the blade.

    I store my blades in a divided box with the teeth facing UP, just so I can tell what blade it is. Once you groom for a little while, you can tell which blade is which by looking at the spacing of the teeth, so it's convenient for me to store them teeth-up. I also store some blades in a clear plastic, wall-mounted divider above my table.

    However, I think it all comes down to personal preference! Good luck!
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      I always store my clippers with a #10 on.


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        Thanks for the input!