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Jodi Murphy thinning shears?

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  • Jodi Murphy thinning shears?

    Do any of you own these? I am interested but am not sure which ones to get. I think she has 4 different ones. I am totally into using thinning shears, but never really understood the number of teeth and what the differences are. For instance, she has a 42-tooth one and a 56-tooth one. I'm just not sure which one I would need or would be the best.

    Can anyone advise? Thanks.

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    I have her 40 aggressive ones (think that's what she calls them). I'm very happy with them. I also was undecided which pair to get, so I emailed her and spoke to her at a show. I would probably next buy her 42 detailers.


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      Good idea, I will email her and ask her advice. Thanks!


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        Love these

        I saved and splurged and bought the 4 piece set, LOVE IT, she has a video that tells how to use the different ones and it is really helpful and a ton of information. She has both on her website.


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          I have 2 pair and I really like them. She has a DVD that talks about thinning shears. I saw a seminar given by another person that explained them to me. It was a long time ago though and I can't remember all the differences. I need to go back and check my notes. Or maybe I should get the thinning shear DVD? LOL

          Tammy in Utah
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            You can have 2 scissors with the same number of teeth, but may cut differently. Also check the width and the deepth of notches. I believe Jodi uses 2 40 teeth thinners, but one is used for detail and one is used for outlining. Her detail pair, the teeth are very close together. With deeper and wider notches will cut more hair.