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    What is the best oil to use on my clipper blades? I keep the blades I am not using regularly in an oil bath (completely submerged) it seems to keep them in good order - is this ok to do for the long term? A groomer I worked with uses kerosene and neats foot (horse tack oil) to look after her blades, she swears by the stuff. I use an oil that is made up for clipper blades from my local agriculture shop, but it smells rough though and would appreciate some advice.


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    If the other groomer thinks kerocene and tack oil works for her.......leave it with her, lol. I used kerocene 15 years ago and changed to a less agressive/irritant petroleum product I wont mention. Its not good to use anything on grooming equipment unless it was made for grooming equipment. If its made for a car or a heater, use it on the car or in the heater.

    Blade oil isnt going to hurt anything by leaving your blades submerged in it. If your comfortable with cleaning the excess off the blades when you use them then thats fine. Blade oil can be expensive, so I would look at 3-In-One oil because its almost the same thing. 3-In -One oil is just a little lighter in viscosity than mineral oil (blade oil), but it has the same characteristics as blade oil. Its clear, doesnt have any unfiltered or underdistilled particulats in it. Oils that are "brownish" in color will work but they leave a "varnish" type substance on the blade when the get hot. If you cant get regular blade oil, 3-in-one will work just as good and you can get it in big jugs for less than $10. Check out Home Depot or Lowes for larger bottles of 3-in-one oil. Ive used 3-in-one oil for very long stretches of time without any difference in blade performance. You use what you can least its oil and not alcohol out of a spray can.

    Your doing good, hope that made you feel better

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      dumb question ..........cant we just put it in regular mineral oil? I use mineral oil for my ferrets so they dont get blockages,I buy a 32 oz bottle for like 1.50.that would be way cheaper than the 4.00 I spent on 6 or 8 oz of clipper oil.


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        I use singer seing machine oil, my blade sharpening man told me to and my blades hardly ever stick anymore and you hardly have to use any.