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Happy Hoodies must really work!

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  • Happy Hoodies must really work!

    I saw these a while ago, but never ordered any- well, today I was grooming my own pomeranian- she's 15 yrs old and has always hated the blowdryer. Lately I've been trying to ease the stress in her life :0). SO, as I was bathing, I remembered the HH's- but I didn't have one to try. So I sacrificed one of my hubby's tubesocks in the name of science (lol- hope he doesn't read this!) and fitted that over her ears to try. And then- nothing! No jumping, or scrambling, or climbing my shoulder! She jumped once at first, out of habit, I am convinced, and then just stood there, not even panting, until I was done! I am SOOOO impressed with how this worked that I am ordering them in all sized immediately! Yayyyyyy!