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Andis clippers slowing down/speeding up???

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  • Andis clippers slowing down/speeding up???

    I've used 2 speed Andis for years and have never had this problem, but now BOTH of my clippers are doing this. Doesn't matter if I have a blade on or not. I've recently changed the blade drives and levers (as usual). One minute I'm clipping normally, then the clipper gets slow, then fast. Help!!

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    Have you had the on/off switch replaced at all? It could be that or motor issues. I usually have to have my switch replaced about every year.


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      That makes sense. I don't think I've replaced the switch in either one.


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        could also be brushes.
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          Don't know if this happens ....

          but my Andis UltraEdge 2 speed will slow down if my a/c clicks on...I am mobile and I know I need a bigger generator....
          Don't know if this is your problem or not just throwing my 2 cents in...

          Glad I read this post though, did not think about on/off switch going bad.


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            Sent the silly thing to Northern Tails...Jeff said it's the switch. I hope to have it back tomorrow.


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              Switches are very easy to replace yourself. I've done it several times. Switches can be bought at the same places you buy the clippers.


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                Switches can break very easily, especially if you drop the clippers alot. On Andis, if you drop it and break tha capacitor off the curcuit board you will only have one speed. Drop it hard enough and you break the posts that hold the rear of the motor down, then the clipper will get real hot.

                All switches are either a toggle or a slide switch of some kind. Tiggles used to be made of metal and last through many droppings, but now most break on the first drop. Slide switches wear out from the constant sliding of two copper strips over each other thousands of times per week. When the slide gets loose and sloppy it affect the volatge to the motor, thus you get motors that raise and lower in power. When we look at them with the cover off, the switch works OK when you move it forward and backwards. BUT, when you start the motor and try and wiggle the switch from side to side it affaects the motor speed, This is a bad switch, and clipper vibration will make the motor mchange speed. This will drive you nuts especially if you need the extra power and it keeps slowing down on its own.

                Hope this helps

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