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  • lefty shears

    Anyone know where i can find any decent ones? As of right now im working with 2 pairs (1 straight and 1 curve) I havent been able to afford any since mine were stolen at my previous job before this one. Ive been trying to work with a freinds old righty ones too but im just not happy with how the dogs come out. It seems like most of the ones i see online are really expensive. thanks

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    I have several employees who use left handed shears (I am a lefty but scissor right handed) and they swear by Shark Fin shears.


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      A friend of mine is a lefty, she recently bought a pr. of Shark Fins, she likes them.Tho' they may be abit pricey. She also uses C-Mon's, notsure how much they cost.

      I understand about loosing tools. I had a large tote taken out of my car once, it contained all of my shears (that I used everyday), plus many other tools I needed for everyday grooming. The shears alone were $1200.00. I had saved along time to be able to get some of those shears. It has taken me almost 2 years to be able to replace them!