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One pair of clippers?

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  • One pair of clippers?

    I was speaking to another groomer and was shocked when she said "I had to run back home and get my clippers". I asked her "you only have one pair" and her reply was "yes".

    How many of you only have 1 pair of clippers and ABSOLUTELY freak when your clippers need to be repaired?

    I am so shocked by this thought- how many scissors do you have? Could you imagine going in for surgery and the surgeon saying "sorry, I can't do your surgery because I broke my only scalpel"?

    Clippers are a MAIN tool in our business. Out of the 5 main tools: Nail Cliipers, Hair Clippers, Thinning Scissors, Curved Scissors and Straight Scissors most of us probably have our clippers in our hand more than any one of these other tools.

    How many of you have spent more than $250 on a pair of scissors but we are cautious with the tool we probably use the majority of the time.

    Okay- just my 2 cents :-)

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    I found out the hard way too, I had one clipper when I first got out of school. I had two part time jobs, and forgot my clippers at one, 45 minutes away. I went to buy one at Petsmart because that was all that was open on a Sunday. I now have 3 just to be safe. In 5 years never had one in for repair, so I guess I am lucky there. Shears and blades, have plenty of those!
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      Back-ups for everything...

      but I must admit, I only have 1 ivac clipper. I do however have several pair of Laube 503's or micro mini that can have a "head" put on incase I have to send out the Ivac for repairs. But I 've always had back-ups on everything.

      I can't imagine just having 1 of something.


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        The anxiety would kill me... The minimum number of everything I own is two, but I have four working clippers and am looking at another pair.
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          I have my ivac, lightening with attachment and mini micro without attachment. I have 2 battery packs plus a cord pack (all in my van).


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            I have backups

            But I remember the "poor" days when I didn't. I also remember times when the BACKUPS broke right after sending a set out for repair! That requires an emergency order, lol.

            I would like even MORE backups, though. Right now I have a Wahl Switchblade and LOVE it, and would not like to go back to just my Andis if the Switchblade got sick.

            And I have way too many scissors, so not a problem there.


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              I have 4 working pair but 1 of those is a single speed andis pro. It gets the job done if it's not matted but hey, you can never have enough back up IMO. This way if someone else in the salon forgets their clipper or it hits the floor I've got back up for everyone. I'm always overly paranoid.


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                I have 2 pairs right now. I just bought the 5 speed Andis and they're my main clipper. I usually have 4 or 5 on hand for those emergency's.
                I'm also low on back up shears and blades. Must be time to restock the supplies.

                I think we all learn the hard way to ALWAYS have more than 1 of everything we use.
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                  My mom always jokes I should have been twins because I always want two of everything. I have 3 dryers, many, many blades sharp and dull. Double bottles of fav shampoos , blueberry facial, conditioners. I have lots of fun colognes. I have old Osters, six hanging up in storage and others in plastic boxes. Two Ivacs (don't use anymore) and enough stuff to open a used pet supply store. I also want more Les Pooches brushes. Yup, gotta have back ups. I have lots of extra CV hoses and dryer hoses. Scissors....lots. One pair being sharpened now. But I'm NOT a hoarder!LOL Not like the tv show anyway. But I'm happy with the one man I have. Oh, and I have 3 dogs; One just isn't enough of those.


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                    I have 1 each of these clippers,and use them all,I-Vac,Switchblade,Andis, Speedfeed,mini oser,and an A5 from the 60's that still works just in case everything else breaks down. LOL
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                      For years I groomed with one pair of clippers and one pair of shears. I know NOW, but I was so broke then. Plus I worked in a salon that had "shop equipment" I could fall back on. I had 3 pair of clippers eventually and all of them died on me at about the same time. Yeah, but they were all about 11 years old. But I had another set anyway of conair dyna groom that came in handy. Have no idea where those are now. But I have a switchblade and a new pair of Andis super 2's that are my main clipper. The switchblades had to be sent out before I'd had them a full year yet as a piece inside broke. My andis are such work horses. So technically I still have 3 clippers, but only know where 2 are!
                      I still dont' have a ton of shears. I have 3 curves, 2 straights, and 1 thinner and 2 blenders. I give shears away to people a lot too LOL. Gave my Osters to someone I trained, my gieb gators to another girl I helped train, sold me C-Mons to someone for $10, etc. I have shears that are worth more than $250, but I didn't pay that, does that still count? I'm saving up for a new set of Kenchii Prodigy shears and the Oster chunkers. Need some really good blenders too.
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                        Glad to know I'm not the only one with ancient clippers, you need backups for the backups, now shears, I have several but need more.
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                          Hey Jenn, do you want to contribute to MY clipper inventory with one (or two) of those IVAC clippers, lol?

                          I have two clippers (Laube and Andis) and just ordered two more Laube (a mini and a lightening). I'd love to add an IVAC clipper to my collection


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                            I'm too anal retentive and a worry wort not to have back ups. Even when I was just starting out, I bought a pair of back ups (granted they were absolute cheap pieces of ****..powermax) but it was something if I was in a pinch. I think as groomers we tend to fixate on owning a plethora of scissors and forget about the always necessary clippers. Heck most of us even remember to have more than one of each blade, but for some reason clippers just slip the mind.

                            Personally I have a few pairs of clippers (various brands and styles since I tried a few before I found "the one") but the even if you have back ups you have to maintain them for it to be worthwhile. There's nothing worse than having your backups not work after you sent your primary ones out.


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                              LOL- I dont do more than 3 dogs a week for free and I have 4 pair of clippers.I dont know what I like yet so A few weeks ago I removed my fake nails and I figured I was spending 30.00 every 2 weeks for a fill so I have some extra money to spend on stuff .funny thing is Im eyeing a pair of corless trimmers now-I want one!!!!!!! Thank the heavens for tax refund gods!!!!!!