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  • the furminator

    The FURminator, has anyone ever had a bad experinence with this tool? It has always been a very basic tool for me to use but lately having issues, irritated skin issues after being furminated. i am very aware of the amount of pressure to use while furminating, and not going over 10 to 15 minutes of furminating as well, i sometimes think this tool is a gimic and might as well have a " AS SEEN ON TV" logo on the side of it. any better deshedding tools out there?

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    Chipped teeth?

    Just an idea. If my furminator started causing trouble I think I would check to make sure that it doesn't have any missing,chipped,dirty,,etc. little teeth. It is so much like a #40 blade on a handle. And I have had a #40 get a tooth chipped off ,and had to inspect very closely to see the problem.
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      I agree with poodleluv. The tool wears out and gets dull after awhile. Teeth get damaged. Maybe you just need a new one.


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        I had a golden come in once and I wondered what in the heck was wrong with it's coat, come to find out they'd been furminating the heck out of the dog, it had no undercoat left! They'd been doing it daily.


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          I got the new andis massaging deshedder and I love it way better than the furminator!


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            thanks everyone

            thanks for all of the input.. i inspected the furminator and it has some chips in the metal.. i think i will just not use it anymore.. bub-bye furminator a-bu-bye,, lol
            oh yea i have the vibrating andis power deshedder out for sale,, i might just open that and use that one for now on.. thanks everyone!