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Andis AGC. Oster A5 or Laube Mini Micro?

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  • Andis AGC. Oster A5 or Laube Mini Micro?

    I'm in on-line school now and trying to buy my first clipper.
    My school recommends either Andis AGC super 2 speed or Oster A5 2 speed.
    They both seem to be good basic ones and inexpensive.

    I saw lots of good reviews for Laube Mini Micro 2 speed. This is very light, only 9oz and can be cordless if you purchase additional charger.
    Is cordless really worth it? Don't they usually break more easily than corded one?

    My teacher said that Laube's blades are not interchangeable with other brands but their website says it is.
    Also, I know this may sound silly to you, but Mini Micro Clipper still uses same size blades?
    (I mean, it's not smaller?)

    I'm thinking that Andis AGC super 2 speed will be good because the price is reasonable and it weighs 1.1 lbs verses Oster weighs 2 lbs.

    Also the school recommends to buy Oster blades even if you buy other brands.

    I would like to have a clipper which is,
    Light weight
    Not too expensive
    easy to maintain
    I'm not really looking for speed because I will be slow anyway as a beginner.

    Any good advice?

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    I use Mini Micros. They are the fastest and lightest pair of clippers I have ever used. They are pretty expensive compared to Andis and Oster clippers. They use the same blades as any other clipper, doesn't matter the brand. I've never tried them cordless. Take good care of them and they'll take amazing care of you! I also have a vac PAC hooked up to mine to use it as a clipper vac.
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      My Laube 7Fs do fit on my Andis

      I use them daily. I had purchased them for an Ivac but gave up on the Ivac after too many repairs. I have used Geib, Andis, Oster, and laube blades, and they all fit any clipper. Sometimes the tension is wrong and needs adjustment, but they fit fine. I did find that after changing out levers my blades on the Laube were near impossible to get off. Eventually it would loosen up. Now sometimes my blades are hard to get off my Andis too. I can't understand why a teacher would say they don't fit. I have never had a problem with any blades not actually fitting. The levers did wear quickly on Laubes. Very quickly as they don't fit well, no matter their balde or others. Oddly, on other clippers they work just fine.


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        I have 2 AGC's and 2 Laube's. The AGC's have been gathering dust for a couple years now. Not that they are not good clippers but I am just so used to the extra speed and power from the Laube's that they seem unbearably slow to use. You will especially appreciate them on matted dogs. I'm not overly fond of Laube blades but they do fit the Andis clippers. They just never seem to cut good to me. I'd stick with Andis, Oster or Buttercut blades.



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          I'd say get the andis, starting out you need good basic equipment, until you get the feel for hot blades to much speed could be a problem, the faster the rpm's the faster the blades heat up.
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            Clippers: Start Cheap!

            For your first clippers, don't get expensive ones unless you are working with a net under the table. Seriously, given how many times I dropped my clippers, (or they were kicked off the table, or I tripped on the cord and sent them flying...) in my first year (or two...) of grooming, I would definitely go with Andis. I like the ACG's round housing, seems to be more comfortable in my hand, but I know folks who swear by the super 2 speeds (square housing, same power) as well. I also give my Andis clippers lots of credit for standing up to all but the most severe beatings.
            Andis also has a clipper with 4400spm with a light, and these are great for undercarriages and armpits! My clipper repair guy (we exchange xmas cards at this point) said the light is expensive to fix, though.


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              Thanks everyone! and Thanks for especially Dirty Hairy!
              I think that I will get Andis super AGC 2 speed for now and later on when I feel more comfortable using the clipper, I will get Laube.
              Since I found out that their blades are interchangeable, I feel much better.

              So here's what I'm thinking to buy after gathering information.

              Clipper - Andis super AGC 2 speed
              Blades - Oster
              Snap-on - Wahl SS

              Does it seem all right?