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  • Need Help with Guards/Combs

    I have always used the Laube guards.. I have tried others and they pop off or dont glide nicely.

    the ones I have are past their prime and I cannot find how to replace them. I perk they had was they were colored so I knew my #1 was blue, #0 was black, #2 was pink etc so I could grab for it easier.

    What do you use, what do you like most about it?

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    Right now I use the Wahl metal combs. They come in a nice little caddy to keep them in order. Laube only makes one color now since they switched plastic companies (they went outside the US so Laube had to find an American co). Trust me I loved having the clippers that matched by combs. I haven't tried their new combs which are supposed to fasten even better than the old ones. The new line has clips on all four sides to keep them more secure.


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      Don't waste any more today and order the Wahl SS combs. They are so much nicer than any of the others. They stay on the clipper and don't pop off. They are different colors, so you can remember "which is which". (my most used is the blue one, #2). If you break one you can order just that one. I have replaced a few since first getting the set (2 yrs. ago).
      You must remember to only use a #30, #15, #10 or a #9 blade under the comb. It will chew up a #40 blade! I have since given all of my plastic combs and #40 blades away!

      good luck,


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        Wahl Stainless Steel all the way, they are colored and numbered. They give a great finish and go smoothly through the coat.
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          Most people will probably say the Stainless Steel Wahl ones.. I use these and love them however I've never used anything else. These don't pop off the blade at all and give a nice smooth finish on most coats, look really nice in reverse as well.


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            Wahl Stainless Steel Combs.

            1. They glide through the hair

            2. They are color coded

            Con: if you drop them the metal 'tines' bend but you can bend it back and the little metal 'grip' that anchors it to the clipper blade sometimes will bend over time, but can also be bent back with straight hemostats...I've had a set for a few years now paid about $35 for the set.


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              You would likely love the Wahl Stainless Steel Snap Ons. The best $35.00 investment I've made in years.
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                Wahl SS AND...

                The Wahl Stainless steel and a couple of the Duble Duck/Millers Forge plastic combs, especially the #1-1/2, which Wahl does not have. Therefore you can use a #1 or a #2 with the Wahl, but I often like the in-between length.

                Don't throw out any #40's - they do great under the Duble Duck snap-ons, and are invaluable for foot pads and other tricky areas where you want to have less 'pull' on what you are removing for the sake of the dog's comfort. JMO


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                  I love my laube's and am so sad they only come in 2 colors now. i hope i never lose or break mine *knock wood* a friend of mine had the SS wahl ones, they worked nice for her but i couldn't stand the sound of them going through hair. don't ask lol, polyester carpet makes my teeth hurt too... so be forewarned if you have an adversity to sounds that are very small often inaudible to others.