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Any good shop to buy everything together?

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  • Any good shop to buy everything together?

    I have just started on-line course and need to buy everything. Clipper, shears, thinners, dryer, brushes, shampoo, etc.

    Is there any good place on-line that I can purchase those all together if possible?
    I don't want to buy cheep ****** stuff and throw away money but can't spend too much either. I'm looking for something decent for a beginner.

    I live in a remote place and there is no shop available so it has to be on-line shop.

    It's so confusing and hard to choose what I want to buy.
    Any advice will be appreciated!

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    everyone here has their favorites, go back and look at some older posts for some suggestions. I purchase a lot of stuff through pet edge. they have everything you need to get started. everything from crates, treats, tools, tables, shampoo, etc. I mostly use andis clippers and blades, my first shears were osters, they lasted my for years, then my daughter decided to spray paint some of my tools, my husband was able to clean them, but they were never the same. right now I have arius eickart, I bought through ez groom. I dont like to purchase shears without holding them, so I usually buy at a show. my next shear will be shark fin. pet edge sells geib, I dont think I've ever used their shears but a lot of people here have recommended them. I suggest petedge to get what you need to start out.


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      Many places

      Ryan's Pet Supply, Jeffers Pet, Pet-Agree, Pet Edge, A Fortunate Dog and others.


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        I am currently doing a home course, and this course offered me a "tool kit" at an additional cost,of course. Does youe online course not offer a "tool kit"? My kit contains 1 each of these: Andis AG+Professional Clipper
        Andis #30 Blade
        Andis #10 Blade
        Andis #7F Blade
        Andis #5F Blade
        Slicker Brush
        Curved Scissors
        Straight Scissors
        Thinning Scissors
        Can Pet Cologne
        2 Plastic Guard Blades
        4 oz. Ear Powder
        1/2 oz. Styptic Powder
        Ear Hair Tweezers
        Nail Clipper
        Metal Comb
        Quick Muzzle
        DeMatting Tool
        Blade Cleaning Solution & Disinfectant
        12 oz. Espree All-Natural Shampoo
        12 oz. Matt & De-tangle Solution (Concentrated 32:1)

        I had already bought a hydraulic table off ebay, and picked up an Oster dryer from an individual for $50.

        I am pretty sure you can pick up a tool kit without taking their home course. If you would like information on where I got mine, just send me a private message and I will send you their info and/or phone #.


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          Thank you so much!

          Thank you so much for your advise.
          I will further look into the previous posts and research more about what products to buy.

          As for which store to buy, thank your for your input. There are many on-line shops and I wanted to know which one has a good reputation.