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    So I've decided that I'm going to spend ALL of my tax return money on new grooming equipment! I'm so excited, but I can't decide on what I want. I know I want a pair of the oster 26 tooth blenders (the black ones), has anyone used the black shears? I'm not sure what pair to get since they are buy one get one free. I'm also thinking about getting a set of the geib blue breeze, 10" curves and 10" straights. I would like to get the Geib Kantana, but they don't come in anything longer than a 8 1/2" I really like 10" shears, but I may decide to go with the Kantana, they aren't much more and they are suppose to be a better metal. I know a lot of people on here like Kenchii, but I tried a pair of my co-workers 5-star and I wasn't all that impressed. I currently use geib super gators for fine scissor work, and I use some paw brother shears for every day stuff. They are the most durable shear for everyday stuff.

    I would love any input on any of these products I'm considering. I've seen that everyone loves the 26 tooth thinners, but I haven't seen much on the black oster shears, and the geib blue breeze or the geib kantana.

    Thanks so much!
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    First of all, what is a tax refund??? I haven't seen one of those in many years.

    Second, I have several pairs of the Blue Breeze shears. I love mine. So far I haven't found a shear that I like better than them.


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      I recently got a pair of the Blue Breeze thinners.....WOW! does that say enough?

      One suggestion, if you can, try get to a show (seminar) to see all of the shears and "try them on" to see if they fit your hand. All of our input isn't any good if the shears you choose do not feel right in your hand. Also, Kenchii does make nice shears. The 5-Stars are on the low/ budget end of their line.

      Happy shopping!


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        black osters

        I have the black oster shears and love them. I actually have the curved, straight, thinner and the 26 tooth blender. I do a lot of blending so if it were me I would get the blender and the thinner if I had to pick two. When I was at the vegas show I talked alot to the guy how developed these and this is what I found out. All the oster shears have a rockwell hardness rating of around 60 i believe. The titanium shears have a titanium mixed in the outer layer to get the surface hardness stronger and the blacks have a different process that uses some laser process that makes the surface hardness even stronger than the titanium's. That increased surface hardness is what keeps the edge sharp for long periods of time.

        I agree with the previous post that says the Kenchii 5 stars are not the best in the Kenchii line. Look at the rockwell hardness rating. If you want a nice kenchii look at the ones they consider L3 on there website.

        When buying shears look at the rockwell hardness rating first. The really nice shears have a hardness rating over 60. Once you narrowed down your selection of shears with that high rating then go for the feel in your hand.


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          does anyone else have any experience with the geibs, or the osters?