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The Chris Christensen Experience and Encounter

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  • The Chris Christensen Experience and Encounter

    Now this past week I had the extreme honor of attending a Chris Christensen learning experience (being a dog show person I never get to see the actual demos). I got to learn about ALL of the products. how they are used, see new and up coming ideas and products.
    I AM BLOWN AWAY!!! I am wanting to open my own shop here in the very near future and I cannot wait to use all the products, plus be able to teach others how to as well.

    Both Chris and Lisa are such a joy to know and learn from and a big thank you to Roy Loomis at Cherrybrook for allowing me this opportunity. If you ever have the time stop by and watch, listen and learn.

    I was star struck but the amount of information and learnign was UNPARALLELED!


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    I have been to two of their sessions, and I would recommend them to absolutely everyone!!! You are SO right!!
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      I have been and always will be a Chris Christensen FAN!!!

      I'll always remember I was showing my male pyr special at the Fox River Valley show in 2003 and had been using the CC products for about a year.... I went to the booth to pick up some Thick and Thicker and this tall handsomely dressed man introduced himself... yes I was starstruck.... he had me try some new products... and then I went on to win a Group 3, with HIM standing ringside... He gave me a huge hug afterwards and of course I told him I owed it to his products! He probably doesn't remember me, but that is truly one of my favorite moments in my dog show career....

      And it just sealed the deal ever after... he's a class act with products that WORK... a true industry leader!


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        And smart, too. Heard he just hired Barbara Bird for his team.