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  • kenchii T-series thinners

    Anyone have an opinion of the kenchii t-series thinners? I like the way they feel in my hand but would like some feedback on how they work.

    I am looking at the 30 or 35 tooth as I currently have a pair of 42 tooth thinners I bought from Paragon. I have no idea what brand they are they just say KS-37 on them.

    More as a side note does anyone know why some thinners have curved thinning "teeth". I had never seen a thinner designed like this untill I started looking at the kenchiis.

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    Anyone have these???


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      They are a great thinner.

      I dont own any but have sharpened several pair and they are a very nice feeling thinner. I did work our personal dog over with them just to see how they cut after I sharpened them and Id buy a pair.
      Note: I dont know how much they cost but its not a $100 thinner for sure.

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        I have them

        And love the way they, be careful..they are VERY sharp. I have trouble cutting fine hair with them, so have another pair which have shorter teeth and seem to work better with some coats. They are Infinity's, but I get more hand fatigue with them.


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          I don't have the T, but the Kenchii KESC44. Not a real expensive pair, but 44 tooth and I love them. I have all Kenchii shears and love the way they perform. Have no problem with thin hair. I'm wanting a pair of 26 tooth....I'm still dreaming since the orcas are $320; ouch thats more than I paided for my HV dryer. Might need to revaluate and consider the Osters


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            Originally posted by northerntailssharpening View Post
            They are a great thinner.

            Note: I dont know how much they cost but its not a $100 thinner for sure.
            I was quoted $150

            Thanks for the feed back.


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              A classmate and I traded thinners in school. I got the T-series, and they are awesome! We used to joke that I have "jazz hands," they are great for my long fingers. The thing I like best about them is that if you really wanted, you could go to town on thinning a coat, but they're versatile enough for detail work as well. In fact, I just got hired at a shop, and my boss keeps trying to sneak them... hehe!

              So YES, I recommend!