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  • made a decision!

    Ordering supplies I must say is a real nail biter! So hard to decide what to buy & how much I can afford to spend etc It is even harder when you have a whole list of things you need in the next few months too. Tempting to buy one of the kits but scared to end up with something ****** that I will need to replace. Anyways, today I took the plunge and ordered a pair of Roseline 46T thinners & 8.5" super gator straight shears. I am only 1 year in to the grooming trade but have learned enough to know it is what I want to do. This forum has been great, I have learned alot here about supplies etc. Anyways just wanted to share my excitement with people who would understand lol.
    In April I have to buy my own hydraulic grooming table, arm & restraint system!


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    Yay! Its always so fun to order and its like Christmas when the stuff comes in!!! Hope you like your new goodies!


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      Ooooo...I love ordering new toys.
      "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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        I have been using 6.5" blunt tip scissors until I saved up enough $ so I am thrilled to have "real" scissors. Hope they arrive fast!


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          Isn't is exciting???

          I am waiting for my dryer, so I know how your feel! I love the anticipation of waiting for the long as it gets here fast !

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            super gators

            You will LOVE your super gators ..I use mine all the time I have the same size ...they have the feel of a high end shear with out the high end price good choice


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              On eof the things I like to do when it comes to ordering, is to make sure i understand and know the product first, for big ticket items I am waiting to try them out at shows and see for myself and good manufacturer will stand behind thier product 150%, especially to my face, I am a hard sell for products.


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                I have those Roseline thinnners - had them for 8 years now, and still love them! Hope your stuff gets to you soon!


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                  I received my order from Rens very fast. The gators were on sale so I saved just over $20.00 on them. They fit in my hand beautifully and I have very small fingers, I am so glad that I spent all the time reading up on different brands etc. My blunt tips are Rose line and I have had them for almost a year without problems and they are still super sharp so I figured I would be safe ordering the same brand of thinners. Cannot wait until Monday to try them out. I have to buy a hv dryer, grooming table & arm in the next few months so I have to research them. I want a table that will not wobble and will handle the big dogs cause I am exhausted from grooming on the floor! My poor back lol. Any suggestions??


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                    If you are getting a table from Ren's and not getting a hydraulic or electric, I would recommend the R Rover Tables. I ordered a BIG dog table (the 46") and I love it. I am thinking of getting the smaller one to take to shows. It is one of the best portable tables I have seen...EVER! The arm that came with it I am not fussy about, but it did come with a wire rack for under the table. If you use Costco, they carry one of the mid size R Rover Tables for $130.00 including shipping in Canada. I may order it as well.