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What blades do I need starting out + scissors?

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  • What blades do I need starting out + scissors?

    I'm very close to finding a groomer to apprentice under. *fingers crossed* I already have many of the supplies from being a bather but I need to get blades for my clippers. I've only had to use a 10 as a bather and was wondering what blades I need, or if I need every single blade that's out there.

    Also does anyone know of a good site to get good, inexpensive scissors as well as the blades? I know of and

    I appreciate your input. Thank you!

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    what I use

    I'll tell you what I use the most and I think I could groom almost anything with this line up.
    wahl arco trimmer - has 5 settings. I use the shortest cut on the pads, and the second longest cut in front of eyes, pits, and sani clip. (equal to #40 and #10)
    a #30 and the wahl metal snap on combs.
    #5f and #7f for short, smooth clips
    #5 and #7 for wet clipping.
    as for scissors, I recommend holding them in your hand before buying. but that might not be possible. dont but the cheapest. you will want straight, and thinners for sure, curved are nice but not nessecary when starting out. most groomers prefer long shears, to take off the most hair with the fewest strokes, I personally prefer shorter shears, I have 7 1/2 now. I think it gives me more control but that might just be my perception.

    I buy alot at trade shows. you can also try Ryans Pet Supply

    good luck


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      my recomendation

      for blades you should have at least 4f,5f, 7f, 10, 15 and 30 (30 for the SS walh guard combs)
      Shears you need a straight, curved and thinner. A lot of times you can find sets. 7 1/2 to 8" lengths are the most common. When buying shears look at the rockwell hardness rating first you want something with at least a 58 rockwell hardness rating. The higher the rating the longer the edge will stay sharp. Then go for the feel in your hand.


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        Thank you!

        I really appreciate your help =)


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          pet edge has a decent set of master grooming tools shears for 89.00 you get 3 pair.My freind has this set and they are pretty good.


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            Originally posted by JeffAZ View Post
            for blades you should have at least 4f,5f, 7f, 10, 15 and 30 (30 for the SS walh guard combs)
            i personally would skip the #15 and get 2 #10's if that's all you're going to have at least 2 of. I hardly ever use my #15 but sometimes rotate between 3 #10's in one groom (blasted clippers!) and that will probably be the blade that gets dull first. Plus it's nice to have a separate #10 for sani's. You can use your #30 for pads.